Why a 24 Hour Access Self Storage Unit May be Useful to You

In the modern world, we all need more space, our lives are filled with our precious possessions given to us by loved ones, gifts we buy for ourselves or just the huge volume of items needed; if only on occasion, to run our homes.

Whether you have a small home or a large home, sometimes we need to store some of our belongings out of the home and there are a few options to consider when deciding what type of storage.

One of the most popular types of storage is 24 hour self-storage units. They are so widely used for numerous reasons; various sizing options, affordability, and ease of access. The latter is one of the most commonly stated desires when choosing a facility.

Many of these 24×7 self-storage units are in warehouse-type buildings that can accommodate many customers with their ideal space with the additional benefits of being secure and available night or day.

This is far from the traditional storage providers that require you to only visit during their schedule of 9-5.

Sydney storage unit 24 hour access

Not being able to visit your self storage space when you need too can be a major disaster. Especially when moving. No matter if you are a single person moving across town or a family of 4 with a dog across the country.

The stress is the same, so imagine – you packed everything bar the essentials, put in your storage space and then at 10 pm you forgot you needed your laptop that you accidentally packed up. Nightmare!

24-hour self-storage is perfect in situations like this. Even if not moving. We are busy, all of the time.

Between work, family commitments and our social responsibilities, we don’t have the time to make extra errands that are constrained to a set timescale by a company that has no regard for your needs.

Maybe you need to get your child’s favorite blanket out of storage because the crying will not stop or that horrid looking pitcher your mother-in-law brought you and you desperately need to get back because she is an hour away and you do not need that argument.

It makes sense to be able to access your stuff when you need it, whether its 3 am or 2 pm – so why would you not choose a unit with 24 hour access?

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Deciding on the Correct Self Storage Unit Size for your Needs

Ensuring that you have the correct space for your belongings is an important part of the process. There are various considerations to make including how long your items are for storage, the size of your unit and the overall planning and management of the storage unit.

When planning your space, timing is important such as with shorter periods of storage, items can be placed closer together however with storage that ill be placed for a considerable amount of time one would need to plan the space differently and possibly think about adding space.

This means that an aisle can be places and items can be arranged so that everything will have some form of easy access. The ventilation of the space will also provide your items with the care they need to keep looking fantastic.

The type of planning of your space will vary on your needs; if you need regular access, are moving or just storing seasonal items. It is always advisable to create an inventory of your items, the sizing of furnishings and label boxes so that you know where everything is in your self-storage unit.

General Sizing of Self Storage Unit Sizes

5 x 5 – 25 square foot, the size of a hallway closet. Mostly are used to store small furniture, boxes, work materials and seasonal decor.

5 x 10 – this space is approx the size of a walk-in closet and can hold small amounts of furniture such as mattresses, chairs and miscellaneous items.

7.5 x 10 – As above can store furniture, lawn equipment, and small items

10 x 10 – a unit this size can be used to store an entire one bedroom apartment with all furnishings and appliances.

10 x 15 – enough space for a two bedroom apartment and some small extra belongings.

10 x 20 – a self storage unit of this size in Sydney is commonly used for commercial storage such as clothing racks and work supplies. The space would also accommodate a three bedroom home with all furnishings, appliances, and extras of a family.

10 x 30 – usually the largest of all spaces that are offered and can easily store a car and the contents of a three bedroom home as above.

Getting the right size for you is a big deal so it may be advisable to visit the self- storage facility yourself and asking to see the space so that you may visual what you need for your belongings and requirements.

Finding space that is affordable and workable is achievable and most staff at facilities in Sydney that offer self-storage units have trained staff on hand with any queries.

We are currently serving Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff here if you have any questions.