Different Sizes for Storage Units

If you need to rent a storage space in Sydney, it is advisable you calculate the amount of space you need to help you make the right choice. When renting a Sydney storage unit, you should consider the amount of space you need since their rental cost is determined by their size.

Therefore, you don’t need to rent a big unit whereas you just need small space because it could be costly. You should also check their access times. Do they allow access 24/7? Are the premises secure? This article will help you understand the different types and sizes of storage units available and how much items can fit in each unit.

storage units by Holloway Storage Sydney

a) 5×5 unit (25 sq. ft.)
The unit is not very spacious. However, you can store books, records or files, boxes, twin mattresses among other small items.

b) 5×10 unit (50 sq. ft.)
With the space available, you can be able to store the contents of a studio apartment, boxes, chairs, kitchen appliances or even small mattresses. Additionally, depending on the number of items you’ve stored in the unit, you can also store a motorcycle.

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c) 10×5 unit (50 sq. ft.)
This storage unit is of the same size with a 5×5 unit with the only difference being a wider door and a shallower storage depth. However, even though they are of the same size, it is easier to access your stored items in a 10×5 unit.

d) 5×15 unit (75 sq. ft.)
This is ideal for storing furniture, sporting equipment, seasonal items, business merchandise, and bicycles. The size of this storage unit is ideal to store contents of a 1 bedroom apartment.

e) 10×10 unit (100 sq. ft.)
With its big size, the unit can hold contents of a 2 bedroom apartment. Hence, it can be used to store king size mattresses, a dining room, furniture and larger appliances. Alternatively, you can use the space to hold an entertainment center.

f) 10×15 unit (150 sq. ft.)
You can store large screen TV sets, large furniture, full dining room set, bikes among other sporting equipment. On the other hand, you can also store music equipment e.g. a drum set or a C-3 piano. Normally, you can store contents of a 3 bedroom apartment comfortably.

g) 10×20 unit (200 sq. ft.)
This is a big storage space where boats and cars can fit. Alternatively, the space can be enough for a small car with an extra space where you can store furniture, boxes, sporting equipment among other personal items.

h) 10×25 unit (250 sq. ft.)
The space is ideal to store a small boat with a trailer while still remaining with an extra space to hold a couch, small bedroom furniture set, some boxes, small chairs and any other miscellaneous item you may be having.

i) 10×30 unit (200 sq. ft.)
This storage space is ideal for storing a small boat, a large vehicle or any large item while still having some room to spare. The space can be used to store contents of a large home while you are relocating.

j) Vehicle parking spaces
You can get an indoor, covered or outdoor parking space depending on your requirements to store your boat, car or your recreational vehicle (RV). The parking spaces are available in different sizes to accommodate different vehicle sizes.

Having information about the exact storage space you need could be a breakthrough to making the right choice and renting the right unit which will meet your needs.

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