In today’s global business scenario, it has become crucial to have strong warehousing and distribution strategies. Our integrated supply chain solutions can assist in reducing the inventory levels and the overall logistics costs of our customers. These solutions also come in handy when the customers need to react to the constantly changing marketplace while minimizing the investment risks as well as reducing the operational costs.

Our strategically selected locations in Sydney and the top class design tools, processes and systems ensure that the distribution systems become even more cost-effective. We also excel in identifying the gaps that apply to the cost and electronic ingenuities. Customers can also seek help and guidance from the highly experienced domestic and international teams.

Why We Are The Best

If you are wondering why our company is the best option while there are numerous other companies out there, then you should know that we have a competitive edge which is a custom designed inventory management software. The efficiencies attained from using the system turn into real savings in the pick, pack, and dispatch of the parcels.

Great Team and Prominent Location

The team we have built over the last few years is very competent. It includes many experts and senior managers who are on the site at all times. This means that a client has easy access to the decision makers when it counts the most.

The location of the warehouse and distribution centres are also optimum. We have a lot of area for high clearance space as well. The stock you choose to keep with us is always secured via a state of the art alarm system and the inventory is monitored in real time by a perfect inventory management system.

Wide Delivery Range

Holloway Storage Sydney competently manages all local, state wise, national and international deliveries of carriers no matter how small or large they are.

Reliable Warehouse Management System

The warehouse and distribution management system we have with us helps us keep track of all the movements of the stock and it also mentions the most efficient picking method for each of the orders being placed. It also automatically chooses the best and cost-effective method of transportation that will get the parcel delivered whenever you want and wherever you want and in whichever time frame you select.

Our USP? All the orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt. No Exceptions.

Multi-Piece Picking Service

Holloway Storage Sydney is also renowned for Kitting, Component Assembly, and Individual Piece Picking. You can be assured that all the multi-piece picking orders you place would be picked in a perfect manner and presented to the receiver in the best possible light.

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Want to know how we can streamline your warehousing and distribution needs and help you save the hard-earned dollars? Give us a call and we’ll prepare a sample proposal for you. Learn more about our 3PL services here.

The key services offered by Holloway Storage Sydney include but are not limited to:

  • Processing inbound and outbound orders
  • Ensuring better control over inventory and inventory management
  • Management of containers and shipping yard
  • Bar-coding, labelling, repackaging and real Q&A programs
  • Mapping the performance of a carrier or vendor
  • Assuring flow distribution and cross-docking
  • VAS and stock kitting
  • Dynamic and static replenishment
  • Building and consolidating stock or load

The distribution solutions of Holloway Storage Sydney will always ensure that your products reach at the place at the right time by spending the right amount of money. We also take care of

  • Ensuring proper order fulfilment
  • Assuring pick and pack by SKU, order, etc.
  • Overseeing retail store distribution
  • Handling replenishment and fulfilment programs
  • Trans-loading and cross docking
  • Initiating reverse logistics and return management programs
  • Managing special orders