8 09, 2017

Australian Logistics: Ready for the Amazon FBA?

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The adoption and introduction of Amazon’s Prime e-shopping together with Amazon’s pick and pack distribution and warehousing centers, FBA, is now a big business disruptor in both Europe and the U.S. A dramatic development that has taken place in the shopping patterns among North Americans is now evident in Europe. Amazon Prime has members close

29 06, 2017

Is Amazon’s Entry Good or Bad for the 3PL Industry

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When you talk to existing 3PLs about the incursion of Amazon into the logistics industry, many Australian companies are just scared or dismissive. We are not seeing it as such. We just assume that the company is a positive force, albeit disruptive, within the logistics industry. Amazon’s continued growth in capabilities in logistics will make

19 06, 2017

Amazon Expands Operations in Australia and Has Plans for A Huge Warehouse

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The giant retail firm, Amazon, is searching for a site in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane to set up its first fulfillment center in Australia. Amazon is seeking to expand its operations across Australia and it has announced plans to set up one of the proposed warehouses on the eastern coast. The warehouse will guarantee faster