Holloway Storage Sydney Prices

Check out our storage costs in the table below. We offer excellent services for the price you are paying. Top notch security, clean spacious units, excellent customer care, climate controlled units, and easy access to your belongings are just some of the features of our Holloway Storage Sydney facility. Visit our home page for more information regarding our services.



Box or more
Terms Min. Store Charge
Less than 3 months $37.50pw $32.50pw $27.50pw Week by week 1 week
3-12 months $32.50pw $27.50pw $27.50pw 3 months payment upfront 3 months
12+ months $27.50pw $27.50pw $27.50pw 12 months payment upfront 12 months

Factors That Assist In Determining Prices of Sydney Self Storage Units

In most cases, personal items may build over time, and you may find it important to hire a self storage unit. People who seek to rent storage facilities may not know that there can be huge differences in the prices of storage facilities. There are some factors that can assist in determining the prices.

Most of the factors used in determining the costs you will pay per month for a storage unit are obvious while others are not. Here are the key factors that are used in determining prices of self storage units:


Size of the Unit

It is obvious that the bigger the unit, the more expensive it will be. You should inquire about the right size of a self storage unit that will meet your needs to avoid renting a space larger than what you need. This will assist you in getting the best value for your money. It is advisable to inspect the unit prior to paying for it.


Hours of Operation

The charges of a storage unit can be affected by the number of hours it remains operational in a day. If the storage facility operates overtime, then you would have to pay fees for the extra time. These costs are extended to you in the overall price of renting the storage unit, making it more expensive.


Climate Control

If you are to store delicate items, then it’s better going for a storage unit with climate control features. This will ensure the temperature in the unit remains constant no matter how cold or hot it is outside. Renting a climate controlled self storage unit means paying for extra luxury. Thus, the price will be higher.



Some storage facilities may have a manager who resides in the facility. Some maybe very accommodating such that they allow you use their dumpster. These amenities deter theft. Although they are great solutions, you will definitely have to pay for them in your self storage unit price.


Access to the Unit

Some storage units may be located outside a building and have roll-up garage doors. Hence, they are easy to either load or unload your belongings. Other units may be located inside a building such that it may be more difficult to access your item. If you choose a storage facility with easy access, then you will most likely pay more money.


Generally, you can expect that any extra features and services in a self storage unit will make it more expensive. Therefore, when searching for a storage unit, it is important to know what you will need and what you won’t need with respect to extra services and features. The fewer requirements you can do with, the less you will pay for storing your belongings in a self storage facility.