Renting a Storage Unit

Are you moving to a new house or apartment this summer? Is your summer camping gear taking too much space in your garage? If you own a business, is it getting to full with office files or office furniture you don’t need anymore?

You may need to start selling some of that old stuff, but you have not gotten around to organizing everything yet. In fact, if you need to sell or get rid of some things, you may need to keep your belongings in order and in a secured, weather proofed area while you organize all of it.

We have several rentals that vary. There are some misconceptions. Some people may think they’re unsafe or they’re too small. In fact, this prevents a lot of individuals from renting a unit. Ideas such as this aren’t true at all.

On the other hand, there are several locations which are affordable and are not expensive at all. With the security equipment, we make sure all the valuables are safely secured in the facility. It is the main concern for everyone to have the safest and most secure storage unit possible.

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Here are some great reasons that you may want a storage unit.

  1. One main reason to rent out storage units in Sydney is because of their various sizes. They can accommodate the needs of the customers with these sizes. In fact, the prices match well with the price too. It will reflect the size, plus you wouldn’t have all that extra space that isn’t going to be used either.
  2. Renting storage space is affordable and even more so and it’s cheaper than purchasing a new home or adding onto your home. You may also need to renovate your office or even your home and in order to do this, you may have to move to another location, but where are you going to put all your stuff? Comparably, you may need to rent a storage unit for your stuff. In fact, compared to all the expenses of moving into a newer or bigger home, simply just get a unit. Besides, getting all those extra costs such as the closing costs, inspections, appraisals,…etc., it will eventually be more expensive when you relocate or buy a newer property.
  3. When you need a spot for your seasonal items, rent a unit. For those who decorate their home or office such as for the holidays, put your décor in a unit. Some of those decorations are probably for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter decorations. A storage unit is better for these items than stuffing and damaging all those holiday décor throughout the year in a tight, small spaced closet. They do take up a lot of space after all. You wouldn’t have to take up too much though when you get the right sized one at our storage unit facility.

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  1. There are those individuals who keep all their collectible in a storage unit. They keep there because it’s secured, safe, and they stay dry. With such antiques and collectibles, some of the things that are great are to store them if you don’t use them. If you collect albums, art, or anything that may be wrapped up or in boxes, wouldn’t it be wise to secure them in a place where it’s weatherproofed and secured? In other words, you wouldn’t want to have your collectibles all dusty now, would you? Therefore, take advantage of storage units at a very affordable price. They will be dry, secure, and safe in a storage unit.
  2. When keeping lawn tools on the side, it’s best to keep those tools and equipment nice and dry. They are normally used probably half of the year wouldn’t you say? When you live in a state that requires tools or equipment for various seasons, then you should keep in mind that storing shovels for snow, lawn mowers for that tall greenery or rakes to rake up all those fall leaves, having them stored where they are safe and secured is one great idea. Some other tools are snow blowers, ice melt machines and even scrapers that may need to be stored up since they really don’t get used the entire year.

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Sydney Storage Unit Size Guide – Units For Your Belongings

Any size of a storage unit in Sydney that can help you get organized, we have for your goods. You can rent a unit for the summer such as a 5 X 10 today. Storage unit rentals can be a great place to store your personal belongings, with many units of various sizes.

There is one for everyone in need of a unit. For individuals or families which need units for that extra stuff, there is a unit ideal for you. For a unit to be rented, you can come on in and see what sizes we have. We take pride in providing the most secure solutions for individual’s personal belongings.

It includes automobiles, boats, furniture, storage boxes, and much more. In fact, when we say we can secure your belongings, we mean we can have your personal or business belongings safe and secured. There will be no worries and the units are “hassle-free.”

With a range of unit sizes that include the following, you’ll be able to store anything.

– 5 x 5 unit is like a residential home’s closet which is perfect for storing boxes and twin bed mattresses. Things like records, books, files, and miscellaneous items all can be secured in these units.

– 5 x 10 unit is ideal for the storing of the contents of the studio apartments. You can put boxes, appliances, chairs/mattresses, and a scooter or motorcycle.

– 10 x 5 unit is identical like the one mentioned before, yet it’s only a little wider and a little shallower. This includes being able to access your things way easier.

– 5 x 15 units are slightly larger units for storing the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment. It’s an ideal size for those individuals with sporting equipment (bikes, skateboards, longboards, and small furniture sets, such as couches, chairs, and small dining sets. In fact, some seasonal items are also great to store for these sized units.

– 10 x 10 units are ideal for those that have a 2 bedroom spaces. This is ideal for holding equipment such as king-sized mattresses, dining room, large sized appliances, and many other items that you’ll see in a 2 bedroom home or apartment.

– 10 x 15 units are ideal for the 3 bedroom-spaced apartment or home owner. This can be large screen televisions, bedrooms sets, large furniture, appliances, musical equipment, or for a C-3 piano, for instance.

– 10 x 20 units are great for large personal belongings. These items are boats, cars, and many other vehicles. Also, if you have a small car, you can store it, plus store other items with furniture sets, boxes, and many 3 to 4 bedroom sets like small to medium sized personal items.

– 10 x 25 units are great for the small boat storage that may have a trailer plus many other things. There is plenty of space to store a small room’s furniture, couch, and many other items which are considered miscellaneous.

– Parking vehicle spaces are also available at the facility. There is indoor and outdoor space which is covered and there are parking spaces too. You can store your small vehicle, an RV, or even a boat. Offering a variety of sizes while also offering some unique features.

Therefore, whether you have a remodeling home project, or simply needing to combine households, there’s a size for your needs.

Start a Self-Storage Business in Sydney such as a Commercial Storage

Starting a self storage business in Sydney probably never crossed your mind. Yet, there will always be that demand for the business because some individuals can not let go of stuff! Whether you will either compete for an existing company or you may find a chance to start or buy into the market, it’s there, ready for the taking.

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Here are some tips:

Tip #1 You can write up a business plan detailing your goals. Write one for each goal that you may have in mind. Every element counts such as the venture financing, marketing plans, your staff etc. Also, find out if you need money in advance so as to invest in this self storage business venture.

How much would you need? If you can construct it yourself too will be ideal. A weatherproof commercial storage unit building is ideal too. Advertising, marketing, staffing, and security can all be put into this business plan. Another figure to keep an eye on is how much it will cost for all these elements to work for you?

Tip #2 If you can get a business loan, that would begin your venture. You can research this online and see where you could get this small enterprise loan. For those first-time business ventures, you’d be surprised how cheap the interest rates are for you first timers.

Tip #3 You can register your self-storage business for your new business ventures that you plan on doing soon. you can save all the time in the world by investing and also while you are doing so, you can get a tax identification number. Fill out the form online and start looking into it. You’ll, also, need a business license from the county government or the local city hall so as to pay the license fees.

Tip #4 Build your storage building yourself. If you know the size and the type of self storage unit you would like to create, you should meet with a contractor and an architect so as to lay the design out and see the scope of work. This will help when you estimate the time, the money, and the size of your business including all the permits you will need to get the construction launched.

Tip #5 The last, but not least, of your security measures is to see how to begin your self storage business. In fact, the reason why these self-storage units are so enhanced nowadays is because of the security and the surveillance equipment that is put into it.

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Having a gated self-storage unit is best. Plus, you need to know who are the people who have access to the unit, such as those with the passcode or key to it.

If you ever thought that the opportunity for having a commercial storage unit business at your fingertips, then it may be something to look into now. Actually, you would be surprised what goes on within the market of a commercial storage business. People age, people pass away, and many of them are also in school or they simply need to store those extra belongings that they simply can’t part from.

It is your business once you can into it. In fact, there’s a series on this type of stuff (Storage Wars) and auctioneers that make millions from the storage units. If you are a local with a new development and you have an opportunity to get a storage company, then a huge part of it is knowing what is in store for you!

Finally, you may need a record keeping storage spot or an inventory equipment storage unit. Plus, you may need some supplies and season supply storage units as well. Therefore, we have units ideal for you!

If you want to own one, the first thing to do is research the duties and responsibilities that are needed in order to manage or own a self storage unit. Consequently, when you have a business such as a self storage business, you not only will be profiting off the needs of those who rely on your business, but you’ll be able to put your things in one of those units as well!