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It’s a real hassle to store away all your things. It can take a lot of planning, effort and most importantly, space.

You will need to maintain adequate temperature for your storage stuff for instance. You need to store your products in controlled climatic conditions with proper temperature. This is of prime importance as too much warmth, damp and humid conditions can spoil your clothes. It will also cause bad odour and make the fabric look very old and dingy.

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You will also need to maintain proper spacing. Never keep your storage bags in a very tacky condition where there is low space. Same applies to the amount of items you put in the bag as well. It will spoil the crease and design and also won’t let the stuff breathe. This causes damage and results in bad odour.

You would also need to invest in Naphthalene balls. You need to always use a disinfectant like naphthalene balls and a deodoriser to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories smelling fresh, fragrant and odourless. It is a good investment.

You will need a good, portable and handy self-storage unit. Investing in it is a better option than wastage from spoilt and damaged products – or just going to the nearest self storage unit to help you.

What if you could leave it all to the experts? At Holloway Storage Kings Cross, we would do it all for you. We cater to both individuals and businesses, and our CCTV cameras ensure that you have got you covered no matter what. You can know just how much volume you would need to store with our precise and useful volume estimator tool and the monthly cost you would need. Store away all your stuff the easy way with us!

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