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Many people here find themselves in need of a place to store some of their extra items. There are many reasons for this need to arise, and as such, we offer self storage in Bondi Junction to fit all these different needs. We offer storage options for a single day use, many years of rental use, and everything in between.

We have 7 meter spaced storage units that are able to fit most people’s storage needs. If you find yourself in need of more space, we are happy to rent more than one unit at a time to our clients. We know that it can be hard to figure out transportation of your items, so we can even come to you and bring your items to our facility for a minimal charge.

Bondi Junction storage warehouse

There are many ways in which we stand out from the crowd of other self storage options in the area. One of the most appreciated by our customers is that we only charge you for the space that you use. This means that if your items only use up half of a module, you can expect your monthly charge to reflect half of the amount of a regular module rental.

We fully understand that the reason you are storing your items is because you value them. To help you protect these items, we have put in place some great services. Some of these protective services are as follows:

  • Durable Storage Boxes: We offer you storage boxes that are sturdy and will not crumble and compromise the safety of your stored items.
  • Indoor Climate Control: Our system ensures that your items will never get too hot or too cold. The extremes of the weather will not get the chance to harm your belongings.
  • Pest Control: We have a contract to spray for spiders, termites, roaches, rodents, and all the other pests you can imagine.
  • CCTV Surveillance System: We have eyes in the sky at all times. We will know right away if someone tries to take your items.
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