A self storage facility is ideal for storing almost anything. You can store your items for a period of up to one year, or even just for a single day. Storage can be temporary or permanent. At Holloway Storage Sydney, we provide 7 cubic meter boxes for storing your items. You have the option of us picking up your items for you or you can bring them yourself to our self storage Sydney facility. Our storage solution is simple yet made to meet all your storage needs.

Holloway Storage provides high-quality, safe modules for storage. You let us know how much storage space you need for your items and we provide it, and you only pay for the storage space that is being used, nothing more.

At Holloway Storage, the boxes we use for storing your items are made of the highest quality materials to ensure your items are maximally secured and protected inside for the duration of their stay. The environment and temperature of our self storage facility is controlled and monitored, and we also practice a regular pest control program.

We have 24/7 CCTV surveillance, with on-site security for maximum safety. You are allowed to have access to your items in-between, whenever you want, during the period of your items stay. When you want to have access to your items, just let the Holloway Storage specialists know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for your access.

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We provide self storage services to both individuals and businesses. You must produce proper identification to be allowed access. We provide a volume estimator tool for you to calculate how much space you need for your items. You will love our self storage facility service, so contact Holloway Storage Sydney and we’ll take care of your storage needs.