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How To Choose Storage Units For Moving

Moving is often a stressful and challenging experience for anyone or any family. In most cases, it is crucial to relieve the stress by hiring storage facilities in Sydney. Whether you are moving across the nation or merely a few blocks away, incorporating a storage facility into your move is a great idea.

Investing in a facility gives you access to a secure holding facility for your valuable items as you organize the moving process. Hence, solutions evolve from practical conveniences into moving necessities.

Whatever moving dilemma you have, here are some tips on choosing a unit for moving.

family using self storage units at holloway storage sydney facility
  1. Consider The Size You Require

It is crucial to consider the size of the unit you will need. You want to use a large enough unit to accommodate most of your belongings, but you would not want to pay for something that is too big. Hence, it is crucial to assess the size of the unit you will require so as not to go for a too big or a too small unit.

For instance, if you need to store items such as books, small items, and small boxes, you can go for a 5×5-foot unit. If your home is a one-bedroom, a 10×10 feet unit would be a good consideration, while a 10×20 feet unit would be good for a three or a four bedroom home.

There are many other unit sizes to choose from depending on the number of items you possess, including those spacious enough to store vehicles.

  1. Consider When To Reserve The Unit

It is best reserving your unit early enough for a smooth move. It allows you to pack early enough rather than rushing the last minute. It will also help you clean the home in time if you are selling it.

  1. Know What Not To Store And What To Store

Anything you can stay without when moving should be packed and stored such as clothes used seasonally and extra sets of utensils. As you pack, you will gradually know what not to store and what to store.

  1. Be Organized

Moving smoothly is all about being organized. Ensure that you label all units depending on the items you pack. This will assist you in packing and unpacking in an organized manner.

  1. Ask Questions

It is crucial to ask questions to your storage facility service provider in Sydney regarding your unit. You can ask about size, cost, the times you can access your unit, among other such questions.

  1. Analyze The Lease Options And Attain Insurance

If you need to pack your items for a long-term basis, the best option should be a long-term lease. However, if you only need a facility while moving, then a shorter lease is ideal. Also, ensure that your service provider has proper insurance cover for your valuable items or obtain your own cover.

Anything that you may do to assist you in easing the stress when moving is worth incorporating. Putting your items in our safe and secure units when packing and moving will reduce any clutter in your home, and make the entire moving process smooth.

We, at the Holloway head office, are always available to fulfill all your storage needs. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions, big or small. We are a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia.

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